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Lixo Verde® Plants

Lixo Verde® plants offer an eco-efficient solution for the disposal and treatment of urban waste, closing landfills and decarbonizing the economy. Find out more about how we transform waste into Green energy! 

The first stage of the Plant is the separation of waste, manually and mechanically. Firstly, the best wood, the best iron and the best PET bottles are separated, which are donated to the Instituto Lixo Verde (ILV), for the development of furniture, objects and crafts (1). ILV's mission is the social inclusion of individuals in risk situations, especially people linked to waste, who will have the opportunity to work in carpentry workshops, metalwork, organic gardening, pottery, among others, promoted by the Institute. 

The rest is sent to a machine (2), which separates organics, metals, glass and pets. The organic material is taken to the composting windrows and the remaining recyclables are sold to the industry and recycled by it.  

The waste resulting from this process passes through a crusher, which breaks it into small pieces (3). These fragments are sent to a hot air tunnel to extract all the water from the matter (4). 

The crushed and dehydrated waste, better known as RDF, is ready to be sent to the Molecular Thermal Fragmentation reactor of Green Waste® (5). 

The reactor is the heart of the Plant. It simulates a natural reaction called Pyrolysis, a thermal reaction, which breaks down molecules, in a high temperature environment without oxygen. 

In the reactor, small fragments of waste pass through a high-heat chamber, but as there is no oxygen in the environment, combustion does not occur, but the transformation of the residue into carbon powder and a gaseous effluent, which when cooled fuel oils are extracted (6), leaving a clean gas with high calorific value. This gas is used to generate electrical energy for the Plant itself and sold to industry (7). 

Final fuel oils are sold to industry as a source of renewable energy for various purposes, such as, for example, being consumed in their processes. 

This is the Lixo Verde® Plants model. NOTHING is wasted! Nothing goes to Nature! It is sustainable and high performance. 

A 100% Brazilian initiative. 

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