We are committed to excellence in the research and development of new technologies for the treatment, management and recovery of waste.

P&D – Innovating for a greener future

Taubaté HQ

Our headquarters are located in Taubaté, a municipality that is part of the largest Industrial HUB in São Paulo, in the Vale do Paraíba region, a strategic axis for the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Operating with the highest quality and sustainability standards, this facility plays a key role in our mission to transform waste into valuable resources. 

Waste is valuable, our raw material to build a truly circular and sustainable economy.

Lixo Verde® Expertise:

We develop technologies for the Thermal Molecular Fragmentation of RDF, non-recyclable plastics and waste.

We generate Green Oil, coming from the process of Molecular Thermal Fragmentation of municipal waste.

Our process has high energy efficiency.

Patented and approved process: Lixo Verde® technology is patented and 100% Brazilian. Our fuels were analyzed and approved by bodies such as IPT (Institute of Technological Research) and INMETRO (National Institute of Meteorology, Quality and Technology).

Technology Lixo Verde®

Transforming Waste into Sustainable Solutions

We believe that technology is the key to a more sustainable future. Our plant, in operation since 2015, uses the Molecular Thermal Fragmentation process. It is this thermochemical process that allows the magic of trash! Its transformation into renewable, highly energy-efficient fuels.

Renewable fuels: At Lixo Verde®, we are always looking for innovative solutions to treat waste and take care of Nature. Our research and development team works tirelessly to improve our technology and find new ways to reduce the environmental impact of waste.
Green Cycle: the carbon negative economy.

The Lixo Verde® process is carbon negative and aims to close the carbon cycle of crude oil, reintegrating it into a new product, green plastic, generating a positive environmental impact as a result.

Lixo Verde® encourages and promotes the decarbonization of the economy

Lixo Verde® decarbonizes the economy, reduces methane emissions on the planet, promoting a true circular economy.

Our process is carbon negative. We are committed to a greener and more sustainable future!

Discover the advantages of Lixo Verde® Technology:


Waste is a valuable resource, raw material transformed into fuel and renewable energy.


Continuous process that generates high quality fuels and energy efficiency.

Landfill Relief Solution

Reduced amount of waste, extended useful life, reduced methane emissions.

Green Economy

Generation of renewable energy from waste waste, a sustainable alternative for the energy market.