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The Wealth of Trash!

Waste disposal and treatment are major challenges for society. 

Landfills, in addition to damaging the environment, have been prohibited since 2010by the National Solid Waste Plan Law 12.305/10, which determines changes in the way urban waste is taken care of .

Landfills are the current solution for waste disposal in Brazil, and even though they meet the necessary requirements to not harm the environment, they are a far from ideal solution, as they are costly and do not make use of the wealth of waste. 

As for recycling in Brazil, it is expensive and timid. Only 2 to 3% of waste is recycled. Wonder where the rest of the trash goes? To nature, of course! 

Waste that will be recycled goes a long way. Leave your home, go to cooperatives, which manually separate recyclable waste, and deliver it to industry, which sterilizes and processes the materials, to be sold to companies, which use them as raw materials in new products. It costs labor, water, energy, fuel, not to mention the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. 

Lixo Verde® technology is pioneering, 100% national, innovative and highly profitable. It solves waste treatment, without harming or leaving waste in nature, generating decent employment, renewable fuels and electricity.  

The landfill is not a villain! It is a source of wealth and raw material for our plants.  

That's the magic of trash! 

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